CABARET DES PÉCHÉS in Brno is a place of unsuspected possibilities where your mind can relax from excessive thoughts and let yourself be drawn into a spectacular show full of humor, exaggeration, acrobatics, perfect musical performances.

Concept creation

Our company was addressed by Cabaret's marketing manager:

"Good day,

we are looking for an interior fragrance tailored to the new business. The company is very specific - a cabaret dating from the 1930s from Paris, but we conceived in a modern and artistic style. The area is 230 m2."


To create the atmosphere of the cabaret of the 1930s in Paris, we used a combination of Royal Oud fragrances, Mancera Rose Vanilla.

We placed these scents in eleven Hyscent Dual instruments. It smells up to 180 m2.

Both customers and the operator are very satisfied with the fragrance.

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