Scent of space

The scent of the room always depends on the correct selection of fragrance, the right choice of the device and also the location.

We can scent the small toilets, but also large shopping halls. All units are available in white or matt black.

We can smell rooms up to 1000 m3 with one device.


Solo, the most discreet, effective and stylish commercial fragrance diffuser on the market. Perfect for use in small spaces to 70 m3, with only 1 fragrance. Powered by size C batteries.


Create your own fragrance blends with the Dual. A commercial air fragrancing system that brings odor control and natural fragrances back to your medium-sized spaces up to 180 m3.

You can combine 2 fragrances. Powered by size D batteries. 


Stealth, our next generation, stylish, sleek and powerful commercial fragrance diffuser for medium to large spaces. A great commercial odor control device.

You can combine up to 6 different fragrances. Powered directly from the power supply.

Exclusive fragrance

There is a range of fragrances to choose from, inspired from around the world. All fragrances have their characteristics and intensity, which in turn affects the fragrance of the interior.

The fragrances are made from essential natural oils that are implemented into the gel during the manufacturing process.

As a result, fragrances are harmless to health, without aerosol.

They are also suitable for children and asthmatics.




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