Hospital Písek

It provides outpatient and inpatient health, diagnostic and therapeutic preventive services.

Hyscent instruments and scents are used in the aftercare department. Where are hospitalized clients after the treatment.

Since their condition no longer requires an acute bed stay, it is very important for patients to feel comfortable in the wards.

Concept creation

In the case of long-term hospital stay, the psyche is very important. The employees of the Písek Hospital are aware of this.

Our task was to help them not only with the smell but also with the smell. Make a cold hospital corridor and common areas

a pleasant place for clients, their family and even themselves.


Thanks to the proven fragrance of Crisp linen, we have succeeded in this.

We placed this fragrance in a Stealth device that spreads the fragrance throughout the corridor and common areas of this department.

The proof of our work is also cooperation on retrofitting other hospital premises.

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