Home for seniors Jevišovice

Beautiful home for seniors located in the south of Moravia offers its clients stay in the castle and beautiful nature.

Concept creation

In Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes, fragrance is one of the most important aspects of client care.

Due to the immobile clients' stay in the home, it was necessary to eliminate the unpleasant smell in Jevišovice, so that both visitors and staff felt comfortable there.

The best choice in this case was the fragrance of Crisp linen.

Thanks to its fresh fragrance and intensity, it is excellent for larger premises where it evokes a pleasant atmosphere of freshly washed laundry and cleanliness.


We use 8 large-capacity Stealth Fresheners to scent the corridors and common areas of your home.

In the Senior Home in Jevišovice we created almost the same environment as if you were in a hotel. Pleasant and soothing.

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